What we're all about:

Karan and consultant Kalie are qualified Wayapa Practitioners offering a variety of sessions that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, aligning your senses through earth mindfulness, visualization and gentle movement, leaving the earth, mind, body and spirit recharged and reenergized.

We are proud to be 100% Aboriginal owned and operated sole trading mobile business, delivering our Wellness Connection services to your door across the Bayside and South Metro area of Melbourne and as the opportunities arise we deliver our service to Regional Victoria, Interstate ad Internationally.

OUR MISSION; To bring authentic natural well-being and mind fullness to participants through being in sync with nature.

OUR VALUES; Our business delivers a service that grows organically, planted in the soils richness of trust and honesty, fertilised with integrity and commitment. Mulched in by, both a positive reputation and quality customer service to allow crops to flourish in the sun drenched goodness of reciprocity that's proudly shared by all.

Backstory - Yimba Yumba owner Karan is a proud Bidjara (QLD) women with strong Irish ancestry, born on Wurrundjeri lands. Karan moved onto Boon Wurrung lands in her early teens where her family, home and business has been created. Today Karan counts her blessings as a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and thriving Business Owner, surrounded by the natural beauty at home on her beloved adopted Boon Wurung/ Bunurong lands

Inspired to develop a business came from a long history of working in sectors of high demands, stressful environments, and the continued dowsing the flames from a fire in the belly and passion to the job. This lead to burn out and impacted mental health and wellness. With a heavy toll taken, gave the space to generate the need for a professional redirection toward a positive lifestyle prioritisation and work life balance change.

Having qualified as a Wayapa Wuurrk ® practitioner in March 2017, complimented by over 30 years in the Community Development sectors across Not for profits, Local Government and Aboriginal Health the idea of operating a business was firmly planted.

Yimba Yumba uses the modality of Wayapa® Wuurrk , an exciting renewed ancient Aboriginal earth connection practice that shares the importance of connecting to the Earth to sustain the health and wellbeing of the planet and of ourselves.

The modality combines mindfulness with narrative movement and meditation using a series of 14 elements to demonstrate and raise awareness of the importance of connecting into the earth to create health and wholistic wellness in an informative and educative way.

"Wayapa® is a unique, globally-certified wellness modality based on ancient Indigenous wisdom developed for a modern-day context"


Yimba Yumba was conceived from a deep understanding of the power of connecting to the world around us to sooth the soul and clear the mind, be that walking bare foot in the sand, going bush, listening to nature, going for a walk or finding joy from just being in the moment, with the deepest core instinct knowing and identifying the difference this has on our physical and emotional wellness and on our overall syce.

In 2018, after personal family heath issues arose lead to a time and need for change and to an overall refocus and rebalance. The pressured toxic 9am-5pm employment world was set free.

Healing space from an oversees holiday to South America formalised the clarity and confidence needed to take the leap of faith and so then the labour and birthing of Yimba Yumba began.

Welcome to Yimba Yumba - Please take off your shoes and sync in nature with us.

Art by Vikki


Business owner Karan identifies as a proud Bidjara women with strong Irish ancestry.

Karan is an earth walker, qualified Wayapa Wuurrk and Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner, passionate about sharing knowledge and skills, whilst imbedding Cultural understanding and Earth connection into our learnings, enriching and developing life skills based on mutual respect and repository, understanding the spiritual interconnection between ourselves and Mother Earth.

After 30 +years working in the Community Development sector holding senior positions across Local Government , Aboriginal Health organisations and not for profits, Karan decided it was time to invest all that time, passion and energy into her own business.

A business that tapped into a space that slowed the pace, removed the consistent stresses and refocused on a sustainable work life balance by syncing in nature.

Welcome to Yimba Yumba!


As a strong Aboriginal women our Consultant Kalie brings a wealth of knowledge and support to the team, having extensive experience in both the Retail industry and Aboriginal Community sector.

Kalie's life skills and professional practices have developed a strong work ethic along with a passion in event management, and project development.

Kalie brings her best enthusiasm to the Early years sector and believes teaching & learning with bubups and kirrups build the necessary strengths towards self determination and cultural pride that positively impact a lifetime


    Always having a keen interest in Art design, retirement took Bill on a new path that found passion and peace of mind with Glass Art.

    The designs are a combination of endless hours of creative energy with inspiration and ideas coming from Bills Irish heritage and Aboriginal family connections using glass and lead to create unique and exquisite Art pieces.


    As a proud Yimaji man, of the stolen generation, "Kunda" has spent over 30 years painting with acrylic's on canvases as a source of releasing anger and pain. This quickly turned to inspiration and passion. Kunda found pride in his works leading to healing and reconnecting to culture, creating beautiful Artworks unquestionable in style and point of difference to other Aboriginal Artist.